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Nearly Three Decades of Fireye Controllers Experience

Adirondack Combustion Technologies has more than 28 years of experience working with Fireye Controls. We’ve provided installation and service for control systems to the entire Northeast, including New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Our in-house engineering team has provided support and project guidance to on-site engineers for small to large-scale industrial heating projects nationwide.

Let us help you find the right Fireye Controller for your application.

Our in-house Fireye experts are available to help with product selection, configuration, and installation. The Adirondack Combustion Technologies team is available to assist with any project big or small.

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What is a Fireye Control System?

Controls are essentially the “brain” of a boiler’s combustion cycle. They are an essential tool to allow a boiler system to reach its full operating potential while remaining efficient. With controls, your boiler can maintain optimal performance levels even under adverse conditions such as low flame stability.

Types of Fireye Controls
Fireye has been providing top-rated control systems dating as far back as 1930. With their experience and customer-focused approach, they have remained a leading controls manufacturer. Adirondack Combustion Technologies is happy to offer Fireye burner controls for a variety of needs, including:

Flame Safeguard Controls

Flame Safeguard Controls ensure your burner is sequencing properly while providing flame and ignition monitoring. Popular Fireye Flame Safeguard Controllers include the E110 Flame-Monitor™.

Efficiency Controls

Fireye has designed a full line of efficiency control systems offering electronic parallel position and more. Some of their most popular systems include the microprocessor-based The Nexus® NXF4000 Integrated Controller.

Packaged Conversion Kits

Quickly and easily upgrade from a number of burner control systems like Honeywell, Autoflame, and older Fireye with a cost and time-saving packaged solution.

Burner Controls Accessories

Fireye offers a complete line of accessories for their controls and components that can be retrofitted into an existing system. These accessories include communication gateways, central control panels, combustion monitors, and more.

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Applications and Users of Fireye Controls
Fireye provides the industrial HVAC market with a full line-up of burner controls for flame safeguarding, combustion cycle, and more. Some of their most popular product series include BurnerPRO™, BurnerLogix™, Flame-Monitor™, and MicroM.

Project Applications:

  • New boiler system design
  • Retrofitting to older boiler systems
  • Heating system efficiency upgrades

Commonly Used in:

  • Steam generation
  • Hot water heating
  • Steam and hot ware process loading

Typical Application Sites:

  • Schools & Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Direct Heating
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Processing Plants
Why Choose Fireye Controls?

Fireye has nearly a century’s worth of experience designing and manufacturing industrial boiler controls. Over that time, they’ve developed a robust catalog of controls to meet the needs of every application. Their systems are proudly produced in the United States at their headquarters in Derry, New Hampshire. They maintain locations in nearly twenty offices worldwide to provide the best service possible.

When compared to Honeywell, Autoflame, Siemens, and others – Fireye’s attention to detail and ability to offer support for any application, large or small, is unmatched.

Certified Experts

As the nation’s largest Fireye dealer, Adirondack Combustion Technologies extends the customer-focused approach by offering the comprehensive services of our in-house engineering team to help you with your project needs. We will help you find the correct Fireye controls for your application.

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We’re proud to provide Fireye control service, installation, system design, and more to the Northeast, including New Jersey, New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Let us help you find the right Fireye Controls for your application.

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