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Since 1993

Adirondack Combustion Technologies was founded in 1993 as a manufacturer’s representative and boiler service firm. We serve the entire North Country region and more including Eastern Upstate NY, Vermont, Eastern Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Specialized Service

We specialize in all aspects of boiler, burner, and hot water heater service for every stage of your equipment lifecycle. We can provide onsite boiler and water heater repair services, annual maintenance, cleaning, and 24/7 emergency service.

Custom Systems

We are combustion control experts with the capability to design and build customized combustion control systems for any application. Our in-house engineering and design team can design a bespoke system based on your exact specifications.

Certified Technicians

We employ an experienced and factory-trained team of boiler and burner technicians. Our technicians are certified to work on all the equipment we supply. They are boiler service experts with decades of combined experience working in the field on installations of all sizes.

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The Industry’s Best Hot Water and Steam Boilers

Proven Industrial Combustion Solutions & Service

We only work with reputable and proven industry-leading manufacturers to supply boiler and combustion equipment in Upstate NY and VT. Every partner we work with has been selected because of a proven track record of quality and performance. We pride ourselves on the quality of our equipment and service so we hold our partners to a high standard. We only supply the highest quality boilers, burners, water heaters, and combustion controls. Our expert team will work with you to choose the right equipment for your next combustion project.

Patterson-Kelley boiler are compact and efficient with low NOx emissions.

Rentech boilers are custom-designed for every project and are perfect for ultra-low NOx applications.

Precision Boilers is known for its extremely compact and efficient electric boilers.

L.E.S. boilers offer unique features like a submerged combustion chamber design and custom bent steel turbulators.

E-Tech specializes in waste heat recovery boilers which maximize your energy savings.

Superior Boiler Works is the world-leader in scotch marine firetube boilers and high-efficiency condensing boilers.

Novatherm is known for its eVolta electric boilers, offering nearly 100% efficiency.


Industrial Steam Boilers specializes in packaged boilers and field erected boilers built to ASME, UL, CSD-1 and ASHRAE standards compliant with the latest NYC building codes.

Maxi Therm Heat Exchangers

Maxi Therm manufactures highly efficient steam water heaters. Each one is built using a vertical flood design which provides at least 5% energy savings over other designs.

Industrial Steam manufactures highly efficient pressurized and atmospheric deaerators designed to extend the life of your boilers.

Industry Leading Burner Systems

Proven Industrial Burner Solutions & Service

We supply burners from industry-leading manufacturers

Johnson Burners

S.T. Johnson has over 110 years of experience designing and building some of the industry’s quietest burners. Ultra low NOx burners with emissions as low as 5 ppm are available.

Industrial Combustion offers a broad product line of more than 10 different burners for applications of all sizes. They cover a wide range of capacities from 550,000 MBTU/hr to 100,000,000 MBTU/hr.

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The Industry's Best Hot Water Heaters

Proven Industrial Hot Water Heater Solutions & Service

We can provide hot water heaters from our partners Patterson-Kelley, Precision Boilers, and Maxi Therm.

Patterson-Kelley hot water heaters are known for their compact design which can fit through all standard commercial doorways. PK hot water heaters offer high heat transfer ratios and fast response to load requirements.

Precision Boilers offers electric and fuel-fired water heaters for the most demanding applications. They feature NSF-61 compliant inner linings which provide excellent service life.

Maxi Therm Heat Exchangers

Maxi Therm hot water heaters are all built using a vertical flood design, providing at least 5% energy savings over other steam water heater designs. Each one is custom-built to your exact project requirements.

Industry Leading Combustion Control Systems

Proven Combustion Control Solutions & Service

We supply proven combustion control solutions from industry leaders including Hays Cleveland and Fireye. We can also design and build custom fabricated combustion controls in-house for any application you have.

Hays Cleveland offers a wide range of combustion control systems covering nearly every aspect of combustion control. Hays Cleveland UPAC is an all-in-one control solution offering nearly unlimited control capability for 10 or more devices at once.

Fireye can provide intelligent flame safeguard controls, parallel positioning controls, and burner management systems. The Fireye BurnerLogix flame safeguard controller can actually learn the characteristics of the fuel being burned in order to optimize efficiency.

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Upstate NY / VT Combustion Control Experts

In-house Experts

At Adirondack Combustion Technologies, we specialize in custom combustion control systems for commercial and industrial applications. We are an authorized supplier of some of the industry’s best combustion controls, but we also have the in-house expertise needed to design and build custom control solutions.

Custom Solutions

Our experienced team can tailor a complete combustion control system to your needs based on your project specifications. Our technicians are able to build a custom combustion control solution to any requirements.

Programming Experts

Our technical team is also highly experienced in combustion control programming. Once the system design and fabrication is completed, our technicians can program your control system for any application.

24/7 Emergency Service

Our experienced team can tailor a complete combustion control system to your needs based on your project specifications. Our technicians are able to build a custom combustion control solution to any requirements.

Why Choose Adirondack Combustion Technologies?

Proven Track Record of Quality

Adirondack Combustion Technologies has over 25 years of experience serving the North Country, Eastern NY, Vermont, Eastern Massachusetts, and Connecticut with proven combustion solutions. Our track record speaks for itself. The majority of our business comes from direct referrals and word-of-mouth from previous projects. Ask around and you’ll understand why so many of our clients have been with us for decades.

In-House Boiler & Combustion Control Engineers

Adirondack Combustion Technologies specializes in combustion system design and engineering. Our team can design a complete combustion solution to any specifications. We can also build a custom fabricated combustion control system for any need. Our technicians can install and program these systems and provide onsite service for the life of the equipment.

Factory-Certified Technicians & 24/7 Emergency Service

We employ a team of expert technicians and boiler service personnel. Our in-house service expertise is what sets us apart from the competition. We can provide onsite boiler and water heater repair services as well as annual service contracts, cleaning, and regular maintenance. We also specialize in boiler opening and closing, boiler inspection, and boiler parts. We can also provide 24/7 emergency service onsite at your facility.

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