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Global Foundries

Luther Forest Technology Campus
Saratoga County, New York.
The most advanced semiconductor wafer manufacturing facility in the world.
Adirondack Combustion worked with the M.W. Zander Group to provide three Johnston Boiler Company Model PFTA 1500HP boilers and one Model PFTA 750HP boiler. All boilers were outfitted with the latest state of the art PLC controls with HMI's and integrated into the building management system by our control engineers.
Gillmore Village Apartments

Utica Housing Authority
Utica, New York
Patterson Kelley Mach C2000 .
PK CI Kit w/ Storage Tanks
Adirondack Combustion worked with the H.J. Brandeles Company to provide Patterson Kelley Condensing Boilers and Condensing Indirect Water Heaters to provide both heat and domestic hot water for the apartments.

National Cancer Institute

Federick, Maryland
Johnston Boiler Company PFTA800
Adirondack Combustion worked with Bell Constructors to provide three Johnston 800HP steam boilers with PLC controls and economizers. An Industrial Steam DA and Surge tank were provided as well.
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Marist College

Poughkeepsie, New York
Patterson Kelley Condensing Boiler Skid
Adirondack Combustion worked with Ashley Mechanical to provide a pre-packeged skid system for the penthouse in Hancock 
Science Center.